Understanding your Baby’s Cries

Babies cry. It is how they communicate and some researcher say it’s one of the ways on how they learn about the world. Here are the Five Standard Cries that you need to know according to Dunstan Baby Language.
Five types of Newborn Cries

Neh – The “neh” sound in the secret language of newborn basics means “I’m hungry”.  Apparently as a baby’s sucking reflex kicks in and the tongue is pushed to the roof of the mouth the sound that comes out is a “neh” sound.  

Owh – The “owh” sound is made in the reflex of a yawn which means, yep, you guessed it, “I’m sleepy”.

Heh – the “heh” sounds (similar to “neh” so be careful that you hear the beginning /h/ sound) means discomfort.  This particular of the newborn cries is to let you know that the baby is uncomfortable – cold, itchy, need a new diaper, need a new position in which to lie, etc.

Eair – The “eair” sound means lower gas.  It’s a deeper sound that comes from the abdomen. It is a bit more difficult to distinguish than the rest but is usually accompanied by a newborn pulling his/her knees up or pushing down and out with his/her legs.  Baby’s body, not only his/her face, will look uncomfortable.

Eh – The “eh” sound means that a baby needs to burp.  It is similar, again, to “neh” and “heh” but remember that you are listening for those beginning sounds, not the ending sounds.  When you hear, “Eh, ehhhhh” your newborn is telling you “Burp me, please”.

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