Are you thrilled for your little one to enter the world? You’ve probably got a checklist of everything that needs to be bought before the big day. Once you’re completely ready to bring your little one home from the hospital, you’re going to need a baby seat while in transit. A few years after that, once you’re comfortable with taking your baby out to travel, you want to be equipped with only the best baby car seat in the Philippines. Specifically, one to provide them with the greatest comfort and protection in case of any emergency.

We know that you want nothing but the best for your child. Use this as a guide to choose the car seat that’s best for you and your little one’s needs. Traveling with an infant can be challenging, but these different car seats, guidelines, and tips will surely relieve your worries and give you a smooth drive. Take a look at the four best baby car seats in the Philippines today:


1. Cozy N Safe’s Arthur (0-3 years old)

Cozy N Safe’s Arthur (0-3 years old)

If you’re on the lookout for the best baby car seats in the Philippines for your infant’s first few years of life, take a look at Cozy N Safe’s selection. The Arthur is suited and best catered for babies that are 0-3 years old. It is constructed to give nothing but the best for your newborn baby’s comfort, protection, and convenience through your travels. Looking for a car seat that can hold newborn essentials in the Philippines? This one’s for you!

Let’s take a look at the other key features and benefits that the Arthur car seat can provide your little one with:

  • Works both rear-facing and forward-facing
  • Side impact protection
  • 3 point vehicle belt
  • 4 recline positions (3 forward and 1 rearward)
  • Lined with high-density polyurethane foam
  • Structural steel frame for posture, durability, and strength
  • Easy to wash due to removable covers
  • Contains a storage compartment


2. Cozy N Safe’s Logan (1-3 years old)

Cozy N Safe’s Logan (1-3 years old)

Aside from the Arthur, Cozy N Safe offers another car seat that can give your baby the best comfort and protection for long or short rides. If you are a parent that is considering bringing out their child for travel in their first year, this car seat is a brilliant way to start. The Logan is a forward-facing only seat with a well-thought-of and distinctive design. It is lightweight and can easily fit in any vehicle. The best part about it? Its sturdiness and versatility can give your child extra head and body support all the way up until they’re 12 years old.


3. Graco’s 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat

Graco’s 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat


Wouldn’t it be delightful to be provided with everything you need in one car seat? With this 4-in-1 baby car seat, you won’t need to choose from a number of key features. You can enjoy all the benefits of a seat that can deliver you everything you need for maximum convenience. Graco’s 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat has been a standard choice for parents to purchase because of these excellent reasons:

  • It is completely convertible (rear-facing, forward-facing, high-back booster, or backless booster)
  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable and practical with its plush fabric
  • Has two cup holders
  • Easy to clean through removable cushions and covers
  • Offers quality and longevity


4. Graco’s Extend2Fit Car Seat

Graco’s Extend2Fit Car Seat


If convertibility and flexibility are what you value in a car seat, Graco’s Extend2Fit will do wonders for your toddler. With a normal car seat, your child is likely to outgrow them, requiring you to continuously buy new ones. Extend2Fit is built to accommodate your growing child comfortably. Its 10-position headrest can be adjusted easily depending on how much your child has grown. It provides great legroom without having to sacrifice space in the back seat. Just like the 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat, it is also easy to attach. Lastly, its 6-position recline is guaranteed to keep your child comfy in any terrain.


Importance Of A Baby Car Seat In The Philippines

A child sleeping while being strapped to a car seat

Why is it so important to purchase only the best baby car seat in the Philippines for your child? While seatbelts were made to guarantee you and your family’s safety, it is designed for people past a certain height. If you get into an accident, a seatbelt will not provide your newborn with the proper latch placement to keep them safe.

In 2019, the Philippine government passed a law for the Special Protection of Child Passengers in Motor Vehicles. It values the safety of children in transit, which includes the regulation of car seats. It’s best to secure your child with only the best baby car seat in the Philippines that provides features that follow the new law.


Car Seat Law In The Philippines

A father placing his newborn baby into a car seat

With the passing of Republic Act 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act, it is more important now than ever to ensure that your child is secure while you’re on the road. The law states that private vehicles must use Child Restraint Systems (CRS) for children under 12 years old. This is to protect them during traffic-related accidents that can lead to injury or even death. Violating this law can result in fines or the suspension of the driver’s license. Here are some other factors that the Republic Act 11229 entails:

  • Children under 12 yrs old or below 150 cm are not allowed to be in the passenger’s seat
  • Newborns (those under 15 months) must be secured in a rear-facing car seat
  • Car seats must pass international safety standards


What To Consider When Choosing A Car Seat

Close up of a child's car seat

Now that you’ve seen the best baby car seats in the Philippines and are more aware of the newly passed law, you can make a better decision. But before that, here are some other factors that you should take note of before finalizing your pick:


Ensure Its Ease Of Use

We all know that you would want to install car seats in the shortest time possible. To choose a baby car seat in the Philippines that is easy to use, take a look at its instruction manual. How easy is it to install it into your personal vehicle? How easy is it to buckle up your little one? These are the questions you should ask yourself when making your choice.


Safety Standards

All car seats aim to provide safety and security to infants. To guarantee these provisions, you may want to know your goals when it comes to your child’s safety. To secure the safest car seat for your child, select one that will fit their age, weight, and height. Make sure you understand how to install it in the correct direction and placement as well as how to use the buckles and harnesses correctly. Read its labels to figure out any limits it may have. It’s also great to find a car seat that has extra features such as additional padding or harness straps.


Car Compatibility

Lastly, you’d definitely want to purchase a car seat that can properly be installed in your personal vehicle. Measure your car’s dimensions and compare them to the labels found on the car seat. You wouldn’t want to purchase one that’s ill-fitted to your vehicle. It’s best to do some thorough research to see if it can cater to your car and give your infant only the best benefits.


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