• Lamaze High Contrast Wrist...

    Lamaze High Contrast Wrist Rattles

    High-contrast colors and patterns stimulate baby's vision; Encourages baby to reach and grab, awakening muscles; With every wiggle, listen to the soft rattle!; Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination
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  • Lamaze Garden Bug Foot Finder...

    Lamaze Garden Bug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle

    Gardenbug friends encourage baby to reach and grab; Smiling faces engage baby's vision and focus; Kicking and reaching awaken baby's muscles; Soft rattles on wrists and feet create fun sounds as baby moves
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  • Lamaze Spin N Stack Rings

    Lamaze Spin N Stack Rings

    Stacking develops hand-eye coordination. Colorful rings and ribbons stimulate baby's bright eyes. Fun music plays as baby stacks each ring.
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  • Lamaze How Do I Feel

    Lamaze How Do I Feel

    Lamaze How Do I Feel? Soft Bookcuddle Up With Your Little One And Enjoy The How Do I Feel? Soft Book By Lamaze. Not Only Is Reading With Your Child A Bonding Experience But It Helps Your Child Begin To Understand The Process Of Reading. Books Allow Imagination To Grow While Children Are Learning More About Their Environment. Concepts Like Colors And Shapes Can Be Reinforced As You Read A Book Together.On The Back Cover The Lamaze Book Lists Play Ideas Ways To Use The Book Developmental Stages And The Benefits Of Reading To Your Child
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  • Lamaze Panda Pals

    Lamaze Panda Pals

    With every kick or wiggle, the foot finders rattle; Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination; Encourages baby to reach, grab, and kick, awakening muscles; High contrast colors and patterns stimulate baby's vision; Makes a great shower gift add-on
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  • Lamaze Octivity Time

    Lamaze Octivity Time

    Plush Lamaze octopus character. Ten engaging features including clinky rings, spinning star fish, and mirror.
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  • Lamaze Emily Days

    Lamaze Emily Days

    Learn about Emily's daily routine; Each page features fun peek-a-boo flaps; Crinkly plush cover; Stimulating bright colors; Soft book
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  • Lamaze Busy Bug

    Lamaze Busy Bug

    Develops hand eye coordination. Bendy character loaded with discovery features. Character springs and bounces when played with. Suction cup secures toy to surface.
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  • Lamaze Counting Zoo

    Lamaze Counting Zoo

    A fun way to count to ten; This lift-the-flap book features cute, colorful animals; Easy to turn pages; Board book
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  • Lamaze Soft Sorter

    Lamaze Soft Sorter

    Young babies will love putting shapes in and taking them out. As baby grows he learns matching by searching for the shape that fits in the same size hole. And a green apple scent makes playtime even more stimulating.
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  • Lamaze Musical Inch Worm

    Lamaze Musical Inch Worm

    he Lamaze Musical Inchworm is full of surprises for baby to discover. Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song. Textures and sounds encourage exploration, while bright colors promote visual stimulation. This little worm can help make tummy time fun! And, use the ruler on the Inchworm's tummy to track baby's growth.
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