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  • Pigeon Anti-Bacteria Wipes

    Pigeon Anti-Bacteria Wipes

    Kill 99.99% of Bacteria and Keep Your Baby Safe! Anti-Bacterial PIGEON's Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissues can effectively kill more than 99.99% of bacteria.  It helps to disinfect hands, feeding utensils, pacifiers, teethers and anything that the baby will come into contact with. 100% Food Grade Ingredients These wipes contain 100% Food Grade Ingredients as certified by Japan Food Sanitation Law and FCC International Standard.  They do not cause any harmful side effects when consumed accidentally by children. Easy One Hand System A single wipe pops up every time and there is no chained wipes.  This provides convenience for mothers and prevents wastage of wipes. Microbiological Test PIGEON's Baby Wipes and Wet Tissues are quality checked with Microbiological Test to ensure that they are FREE from harmful bacteria and fungi. The Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissues is great for outdoor where soap and water is not readily available.
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  • Baby World Baby Toothbrush Set

    Baby World Baby Toothbrush Set

    • No sharp edges, safe and washable.
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  • Apruva Bottle Brush Apruva Bottle Brush Apruva Bottle Brush Apruva Bottle Brush
    Apruva Bottle Brush

    Apruva Bottle Brush

    • Long, durable neck easily reaches inside bottles.
    • Soft bristles to clean hard-to-reach corners.
    • Non-slip grip
    • Dishwasher safe
    • SKU 10023424
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  • Disney 6 Bottles Steam Sterilizer

    Disney 6 Bottles Steam Sterilizer

    Enlarged capacity take 6 different/ standard size bottles and accessories especially designed rack for the breast pump rack transforms into useful dishwasher basket for small items
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  • Safety First ProGrade Tri Scan...

    Safety First ProGrade Tri Scan Thermometer

    • The ProGrade® Tri-Scan™ Thermometer by Safety 1st is an essential tool for any household. It not only gives a quick and easy 1-second reading of your child's temperature, but also allows you to check the temperature of food, formula and baths to make sure they're just right.
    • Reads ear, food and bath temps 
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  • Safety 1st ProGrade No Touch...

    Safety 1st ProGrade No Touch Thermometer

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  • Safety 1st ProGrade Nasal...

    Safety 1st ProGrade Nasal Aspirator

    • The ProGrade® Health Clean Collection™ Nasal Aspirator by Safety 1st® quickly and easily removes excess mucus from your little one's nose. 
    • Contoured shape for easy mucus removal 
    • Includes 3 reusable tips and 3 single-use, disposable filter tips 
    • Includes 2 "AA" replaceable alkaline batteries. 
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  • Safety First ProGrade Clear View...

    Safety First ProGrade Clear View Ear Scope

    • The ProGrade® Health Clear View Ear Scope by Safety 1st® helps you easily detect ear infections. It features superior lens quality for wider viewing and illuminates and magnifies the ear canal for easy viewing.
    • Includes 3 tips 
    • Includes 3 "AAA" replaceable alkaline batteries 
    • Includes Ear Infection Guide 
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  • Farlin Silicone Nasal Aspirator

    Farlin Silicone Nasal Aspirator

    All parts are specially made from silicone and materials which are BPA-Safe that carry effective and safe method for immediate relief of baby’s nasal congestion. 
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  • Avent Digital Thermometer Set Avent Digital Thermometer Set Avent Digital Thermometer Set Avent Digital Thermometer Set
    Avent Digital Thermometer Set

    Avent Digital Thermometer Set

    Gentle and accurate Digital baby thermometer set Helping you to get a measurement of your baby's temperature, without upsetting it. The soother thermometer  uses the same shield and teat as the AVENT Freeflow soother for easy transition from soother to temperature measurement  
    Combining a digital and a soother baby thermometer
    Comfort for your child
    • Choice to adapt temperature measurement method to suit baby
    • Soft, flexible tip digital thermometer
    • Specially designed pacifier thermometer
    Fast and reliable digital temperature readings
    • Clear measurement displays and battery status indicators
    • Battery low indicator
    Convenient for you and your baby
    • Includes AVENT Freeflow Pacifier
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  • Avent Digital Video Monitor

    Avent Digital Video Monitor

    Always close to your baby. See and hear your baby with the latest technology in baby video monitoring.   100% Private Connection
    • Automatic channel selection for a private connection
      Day and night monitoring
    • Infra-red night vision for round the clock monitoring
    • High resolution 2.4" / 61mm colour screen
    • Soothing lullabies & nightlight
      150m Range
    • Cordless and portable parent unit
    • Digital link confirmation and sound level lights
    • Easy to position camera
      Sound Activation
    • Automatic screen activation with brightness & volume control
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  • Avent Baby Bath And Room Thermometer Avent Baby Bath And Room Thermometer Avent Baby Bath And Room... Avent Baby Bath And Room Thermometer
    Avent Baby Bath And Room Thermometer

    Avent Baby Bath And Room Thermometer

    The Philips Digital Bath And Room Thermometer doubles as a convenient way to monitor the temperature both in baby's room and bath. And also been designed as a safe, fun bath toy. Fast and reliable measurement
    • Accurate temperature readings for bath or bedroom
    Safe to play with
    • Complies with all relevant toy and safety standard
    • Floats in water
    • Safe and fun
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  • Avent Deck Baby Monitor Avent Deck Baby Monitor Avent Deck Baby Monitor Avent Deck Baby Monitor
    Avent Deck Baby Monitor

    Avent Deck Baby Monitor

    The most reliable connection to your baby Our AVENT DECT Baby Monitors give you the reassurance of feeling close to your baby, even when you are not in the same room. With our new ECO mode, you can also be friendlier to the environment, whilst not losing that vital connection.  
    Complete peace of mind whilst your baby sleeps
    Zero interference & private connection
    • Energy saving ECO mode
    • No installation - plug and go
    • DECT technology guarantees zero interference & 100% privacy
    Crystal clear sound
    • Choose the best sound level for your surroundings
    • Reassurance with crystal clear sound
    • Sound level lights
    Range up to 330 meters*
    • Range up to 330 meters*
    • Rechargeable wireless parent unit
    • Always know that your are connected
    • Up to 24 hour operation time before recharge
    Complete comfort
    • Calming and soothing
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  • Farlin Bottle & Nipple Brush

    Farlin Bottle & Nipple Brush

    • Specially designed for cleaning all feeding bottles  and teats
    • Contoured head and durable bristles ensure that all milk and other food particles are thoroughly removed
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  • Chicco Puresteam Cooker - Colors

    Chicco Puresteam Cooker - Colors

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  • Chicco Disinfectant Multipurpose...

    Chicco Disinfectant Multipurpose 1L

    Highly sanitising disinfecting liquid, effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, for the microbial decontamination of everything that comes in contact with the infant, both metal and plastic, such as feeding bottles, nipples, pacifiers, toys, tableware, gum massagers, etc. Effective against bacteria and fungi, for the microbial decontamination of fruits and vegetables.
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