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  • Chicco Hot Humidifier Basic-Humi...

    Chicco Hot Humidifier Basic-Humi Relax

    Humi Relax creates the correct level of humidity, diffusing healthy bacteria-free steam. Simple and safe to use, it has a practical continuous refill system and starts to diffuse the steam within just 4 minutes. It has a 360 degree adjustable steam nozzle that can be used to direct the flow of steam evenly throughout the environment. The oil container can be used to nebulise aromatic or balsamic oils with the steam.
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  • Chicco Cold Humidifier Basic-...

    Chicco Cold Humidifier Basic-Comfort Neb

    Comfort Neb reinstates the correct level of humidity in the environment, diffusing cool steam into the air; thanks to the ultrasonic technology, it is silent and can be used when children are asleep. Comfort Neb has a neat, compact design making it ideal for use in children’s bedrooms. The steam is directed upwards which minimises the risk of condensation forming on the support surfaces. It is also possible to regulate the nebulising flow rate.
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  • Chicco Baby Control Classic -...

    Chicco Baby Control Classic - Analogue

    The Analog baby Monitor allows you to remain in constant contact with your baby. You can listen to baby whilst he sleeps or plays without disturbing him. It has 2 transmission channels to prevent interferences and luminous LEDs which indicate the level of noise in the baby’s room. Both devices (parent and baby) can run on batteries (rechargeable batteries not included) or plugged into the mains (two adaptors included).
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  • Chicco Infrared Ear Thermometer...

    Chicco Infrared Ear Thermometer Comfort Quick

    Comfort Quick is extremely user-friendly and its smart design guarantees exceptionally accurate readings. It comes with a practical holder which provides secure storage of the thermometer and all its accessories; it is also ideal for ensuring correct installation of the disposable probe covers.
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  • Chicco Infrared Thermometer Easy...

    Chicco Infrared Thermometer Easy Touch

    The forehead thermometer Easy Touch takes the temperature in a few seconds and provides accurate and rapid readings. It is compact and easy to use, thanks to the position of the probe. It has an acoustic signal (fever alarm) for temperature over 37.5°C (or 99.5°F).
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