Being an expectant mother can be an arduous journey. Especially if you’re not equipped with a newborn baby needs checklist in the Philippines. As a first-time mother, you would want your delivery to be smooth-sailing not only for you, but for your baby as well.

Luckily for you, this guide can help walk you through some of the essential items that you need. Continue reading to learn more!


What Should A “Newborn Baby Needs Checklist” In The Philippines Contain?

Newborn baby clothes and other essential items

The sheer panic you might feel leading up to the day of your delivery might cause you to forget the items that you need. This is why calming down before you give birth to your baby should be one of the priorities in your list. The time that you would need for relaxing, recovering, and preparing for your birth should also be accompanied by a list of essential items you need to bring to the hospital with you.

Ranging from valid documents, pre-delivery items, items for your newborn baby, and miscellaneous items, these things are all you have to remember for your hospital bag.


Important Documents

An expecting mother filling up important documents


Thinking about all the documents that you have to bring with you to the hospital can be an overwhelming feeling. Compounded with the stress of thinking about giving birth to your baby, missing documents can cause you further discomfort and headaches.
However, you won’t have to fear anymore as all you need are simply a valid identification card, medical records, and a well-thought-out birth plan.


Valid I.D.

Even if you’re not an expecting mother, you should always make it a habit to bring with you necessary personal identification cards.

As such, some of the IDs you may need to temporarily surrender to your hospital include your PhilHealth, SSS cards or forms, and government IDs like a driver’s license or a Universal Multi-Purpose ID. If you’ve been previously employed, it’s relatively easy to get a hold of these things. Simply fill out online forms, visit the necessary agencies and offices, and have these cards processed.


Medical Records

As with any patient visiting a hospital, a first-time mother such as you would also need to have a patient’s information sheet filled out. This document contains details regarding your date and place of birth, drug allergies, and any relevant information regarding your family’s medical history.

Filling out these forms may already be impossible if you’re undergoing contractions or already going through the motions of giving birth. A practical method which can save you a lot of time is by informing your partner way beforehand about these details. This way, they can fill out several of these forms and you only need to worry about delivering your baby.

Aside from patient information, you would also have to present an admission slip that contains specific instructions from your doctor. This admission slip contains directions from your doctor on the procedures which will take place once you have been admitted to your hospital.


Birth Plan

Simply put, a birth plan contains important information regarding your preferences after you have undergone labor. You should ensure that your birthing plan has been approved by every medical professional involved in your delivery.

A birth plan typically contains details like your personal information, the physician’s name, the name and location of the hospital, as well as the relevant contact details of your immediate family members. Apart from this, it should also contain the details of the person accompanying you in the delivery.

The birthing plan should contain a list of preferences that you have determined in order to smoothen the entire delivery process. You may list a range of preferences that have something to do with room temperature, music to help you calm down, the elevation of the gurney, and so on. Whatever you think may help ease the birthing process, you should have them listed down.

Finally, and more importantly, the birth plan informs the entire medical team in your delivery of whether you would prefer to undergo a natural birth, a water birth, or a C-section. All with due consideration from your doctor regarding your medical conditions.


Pre-Delivery Items For Expectant Mothers

A husband helping his wife through her contractions

As briefly mentioned beforehand, you might have some preferences on what kind of items you would want to bring with you on the day of your delivery. These items can range from pillows, robes, underwear, and toiletries. Here are some essentials you should have ready:



Before you give birth to your child, you want to make sure that you experience the highest level of comfort as much as possible. One way you can do this is by bringing your own soft pillow instead of using the ones at the hospital.

While it may not necessarily be a cause for concern, there is a tendency for hospital pillows to be bulky or too tough. They might not offer you adequate comfort as you’re undergoing labor.



The hospital should be the one to provide you with these robes before and after your delivery. However, bringing your own robe can potentially help you calm down before your procedure.

You might want to wear robes made out of softer material which can help increase your mobility around the hospital before and after labor. It goes without saying that as the one giving birth, you’re the only one who can fully understand your needs as well as the type of clothing which would be more comfortable for you.



Packing an extra set of clothes and underwear is essential, especially since you’re going to spend potentially many days and weeks in the hospital recovering. Changing into a new set of clothing is not only hygienic but also helps you feel more refreshed each day of your stay in the hospital.


Items For Your Newborn Baby

Close up of a newborn baby's feet with socks

Living in the Philippines, your newborn baby needs checklist wouldn’t be complete if you don’t bring along with you soft clothing for your baby.

Giving birth is one of life’s most wonderful miracles. When your baby has finally come out of the womb you would only want them to experience the utmost comfort. As such, some of the baby clothing items you need include a beanie, gloves, and socks.



Babies need all the comfort they can get once they’re let out of the womb. When they’re finally brought to the baby nursery area in a hospital, you would want them to have sufficient rest as they begin their first few moments in this world.

A baby beanie would not only offer your baby protection, but it would also help in giving them a good night’s rest in the nursery.



Since babies are born virtually naked, their bodily functions are more susceptible to slight changes in temperature. As they’re soundly sleeping in the baby nursery, a soft pair of warm gloves can help keep them warm.



Like a pair of gloves, a pair of soft socks can also keep your newborn baby’s feet from getting cold. Similar to the beanie and the gloves, cotton fabric is the most suitable. Cotton is manufactured without any unnecessary chemicals and fertilizers. Furthermore, they’re gentle against a newborn baby’s skin, which will help ensure their comfort.


Miscellaneous Items

An expecting mother using her phone

Apart from newborn essentials in the Philippines, there are several items that you may also need to help you transition more easily into childbirth. These items are not necessarily essential, but they would greatly help in helping you relax and calm down as you anticipate your delivery.

You should always bring with you a smartphone or any type of phone which can easily help you contact your family members. When you have given birth to your child, you’d want to let your relatives know about how the process went. Furthermore, a phone can help preoccupy you as you’re anticipating your newborn baby’s birth. You can choose to listen to music or watch some relaxing videos prior to the operation.

If you’re feeling hungry on the other hand, your doctor might prescribe you to eat light meals. You should ensure you eat food that can energize you as you undergo labor. You may choose to pack a light egg sandwich, some fruits, or some crackers to fill up your stomach.


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