Shopping for your baby can be rather overwhelming as there is just so much baby equipment and adorable items to choose from, especially if you’re a first-time parent. You’re probably planning and starting to buy everything to be ready before your little one arrives! It can be very hectic for first-time parents to experience pregnancy, labor, and delivery, however, it’s extremely helpful to first know the newborn essentials in the Philippines.

Before making a purchase, consider your options ahead of time for you to be readily equipped once you bring your newborn home. Make your first-time parenting encounters a fuss-free experience. Allot some time to think about what you need and let this guide help you. Even though you may feel anxious about handling and planning for your baby, remember that all first-time parents go through these emotions and you’ll develop a routine in no time!


What do you need to prepare for a newborn baby in the Philippines?

A newborn baby hospital bag

The first few months and weeks after your newborn arrives will be the most occupied days of your parenthood. Because of this, you want to think of ways to lessen the stress to enjoy the first few moments you have with them. Here’s a rundown of the newborn essentials in the Philippines to shop for and how to buy only the best of them. Use this as a guide to give you ideas and pointers.


Baby care

Your baby’s skin is one of their most precious features and you surely want to keep it that way and maintain its soft, smooth, texture. Newborn skin is extremely sensitive. You’ll need to know what to do and buy to protect your baby’s soft skin from his head down to his small toes and everything in between. Consider these apothecary, bath & potty, grooming, grooming, and wash and care products.

  • Lotions, oils, and creams to protect your newborn from the sun, bug bites, rashes and maintain it’s softness
  • Nail care and grooming kits to avoid scratches and maintain hygiene
  • Body wash and soaps for bathing
  • Bath towels
  • Bathtubs with shower holders for convenient and efficient baths
  • Bottle brushes to keep their bottles squeaky clean
  • Bottle sterilizers to disinfect their utensils and keep germs away



Living with a newborn means constant diaper changing in a day. Newborns can go through about 10-12 diapers a day, so it’s best to buy enough to last you your first few weeks. It’s best to go through different brands to see which suits your child better. Pair it with a diaper bag and diaper mat for ultimate functionality whenever you’re out and about.



As a parent, you surely want your baby to be clothed and wrapped comfortably. You’ve probably got your eyes on the cute clothing from the aisles of the baby section at the mall. Your relatives are probably as excited as you are to dress your baby in cute outfits.

When choosing clothing for a baby, it should be soft, breathable, and comfortable with convenient openings for easy diaper changing. Like onesies, this type of clothing can make dressing your baby much easier. Newborn baby clothes don’t usually last more than three months, so make sure to buy the right amount of clothes — just enough to last you for the first few months.


Food utensils

Whether you’re feeding your child with formula or breastmilk, you’d want to provide him with the most quality utensils for safety and convenience. This can range from drinks and sippy cups to straws and baby spoons.

If you’re breastfeeding, newborns usually need to be fed every two to three hours, and if you’re formula-feeding, they will most likely intake 2-3 ounces of milk. You also want to consider high chairs, organizers, storage bags, and plates.


Travel essentials

One of the most important newborn essentials in the Philippines you should get your hands on if you’re planning on bringing them out of the house are baby strollers, baby car seats, and baby carriers. Make sure to purchase and invest only the best way to ensure long-term use and guarantee safety and security.

Babies shouldn’t be propped up until they fully develop their strong neck bones and muscles. Choose travel equipment that reclines fully and has comfortable padding. Look for strollers with sturdy and stable wheels.



Of course, you’d also want to provide your child with leisure and entertainment. For infants, you’d want to look for the right ones when they hit the three-month mark. It’s best to choose toys that have contrasting colors and patterns to help them fully develop their vision, have varying soft textures to work on motor skills and reduce risks of cuts, and are safe for chewing and easy to clean.



Newborns spend most of their first few months only sleeping and eating, so you’d want to provide them with convenience and ultimate comfort. It’s important to always place babies on their backs with proper neck support for them to breathe easily and alternate the position of your baby’s head every night to prevent flat spots.

To offer your baby the best sleep, here are the things you should put on your baby’s essential checklist:

  • Cribs and soft mattresses
  • Rocking chair
  • Bassinet
  • Blankets and quilts


Mother essentials and nursing necessities

If you are breastfeeding, it’s best to get your hands on accessories and essentials to make your experience more efficient and convenient. If you are breastfeeding you might want to buy a breast pump to manually collect your milk ahead of time. It can be handy for when you’re out of the house. In alignment with this, you’d also want to purchase some milk storage containers and bottles.


Where To Find the Best Newborn Essentials in the Philippines

Clothes for a newborn baby girl

It’s no surprise that there are a handful of must-haves for your little one. However, newborns are sensitive and fragile and because of this, it’s highly recommended to look out for the quality and best standard equipment and gears for you and your baby. More than the extensive preparations and planning that you do to list down your newborn essentials, it is equally important to know where to get these items.

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