Introducing the Bkids Giraffe Giant Stack N Drop; featuring 10 colorfully transparent, numbered stacking cups, and two dropping balls. Kids can build the Giraffe in sequence of 1 – 10 as high as 32 inches, then drop the ball from the Giraffe’s head to watch it fall through his long neck to the bottom of the stack. This toy also doubles as a compact bucket stacker too! Valuable to Toddlers development of small motor-skills, shape-matching, playing also sharpens the concept of cause and effect. The Bkids Giraffe Giant Stack N Drop also includes a ball shape sorter with a hammer, designed for collapsible storage to take anywhere. Toy is suitable for Toddlers age 12 months and up. Love, Care, and Fun: At Bkids, we put great Love into our products. Each toy is designed for a child and parent to experience and create lifelong memories. We Care for all children. Being safe and trustworthy is what is what we’re all about. Finally it’s all about Fun by allowing children to just “Be Kids” plain and simple.

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